This post is about a childhood obsession of mine, perhaps my favorite show as a kid growing up (until it got bad and different voice actors were used). X-Men, The Animated Series, that came on Fox Saturday mornings was a piece of my childhood I’ll never forget. It wasn’t just the fact that the show was gritty and action-packed, it wasn’t that the plot was great and carried over into future episodes, and it wasn’t that the show dealt with serious topics like race/international relations, bullying, or genetics (well this was a big part of it). I think the major driving force of the show was that the characters were unique, they each had different personalities, and they didn’t always get along. It was a very well-written and realistic show, and it was a “children’s” show!


This show came out in the 90s and was well ahead of its time. Remember how everyone was freaking out about Game Of Thrones because they kill off a central character? X-Men did that from THE FIRST EPISODE (maybe 2nd technically). Anyway, one of the characters is killed and another character is thrown in jail, not to return to team of X-Men for a season or two. The show did some many things right, I’ll expand more on this later.


    • patruff says:

      Yeah, I think the canon (off the top of my head) would be Thundercats, He-man, GI Joe, Duck Tales, Exo Squad, and Transformers (soon after that X-Men). I’m probably missing something but I couldn’t forget those shows even if I tried.

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