Hearthstone simulation

I’m actively in the process of simulating Hearthstone in order to create an AI I can play against when I have time (which is almost never). So far I can play a game against a PC, create decks, and hopefully soon add new cards. Stay tuned.


2021_3_6 update

This might be an ongoing post. Basically despite having 0 time (fulltime job + 10 month old baby = 0 time) I’m trying to embark into streaming AT THE SAME TIME I’m working on simulating and “solving” Hearthstone.

Molten Giant - Hearthstone Wiki

This is going to be a relevant card since I’m going to start with Handlock (a variant of Warlock (one of the characters you can play in Hearthstone)). I think it’s representative of my life. The more pain/damage you take, the easier it becomes to summon the courage to do something epic (8/8 stats is pretty good in Hearthstone).



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