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So I tried to do some freelance coding work in an attempt to see how marketable my skills (if any) are. I took on a job for $50 that wanted 2 computer systems to talk to each other (it was initially described as a chat so I thought it was a chat the client controlled, apparently not). I didn’t know that system A was this new hot thing called OpenAI chat

But whatever I told myself. I connected the systems, wrote detailed instructions on using the code, then the client said he didn’t want to just connect to OpenAI, he wanted me to essentially hack into it in order to reverse engineer the model trained on the entire internet since 2021, and to deliver them the fully trained model.
For $50…

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  1. Patrick Ruff says:

    And despite being able to connect to ChatGPT 3.5 and write to a Google Sheet and instructions on using it the client paid…


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