Nobody cares…BUT I DO!

So as I predicted in a previous post, we’ve become THE #1 PATRICK RUFF site in the world. That’s right, we beat out that weird Christian guy from the Priory of whatever. Anyway, we’re number 1 now so if you Google “Patrick Ruff” (hopefully Google remains relevant despite AI) you’ll see this site. I think it’s important to recognize what this means, I AM THE PATRICK RUFF. I hope my parents are happy.

I wanted to write a little bit (yes me as a human, this is not ChatGPT writing for me) about personal meaning. I’ve come to realize that it’s probably the most important thing in life. “What are you up to?” “What do you do?” “What are you passionate about?” These are all good questions. We all have a series of things we are into at any one time and this sort of defines us as people. For me, I think my major interests remain human longevity (although at this point I feel like it’s “solved”), calisthenics (sort of related to the first thing), coding (now dominated by AI stuff), and video games.

On the calisthenics front I’ve started tracking my progress (most recent achievement unlocked is 5x handstand pushups).

On the coding front I’ve fine-tuned the recent LLM from Facebook lllama-2 (the 7 billion parameter version, the one that fits in memory).

On the video games front I’ve been playing Slay the Spire (I just beat the Heart, the final boss, yesterday).

So all of these things may be of ZERO interest to you, and that’s fine. However, TO ME, they are important. I’ve attributed value to these things and for me, I’m interested. There’s only a finite amount of things you can focus on, and for now these things, as well as friends/family OF COURSE, are biggies for me. Speaking of which, SLEEP is important in all activities and I need to go get some. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone reading this website (or thanks to the bots crawling the internet looking for “WHO CARES ABOUT PATRICK RUFF”). Dave, I remember a long time ago you commented. Zach you too. Would be cool to get a comment now, but if not that’s cool too. I only really exist now for myself, I am very happy this site is the #1 in the world for Patrick Ruff, it used to be several pages back but slowly and surely we’ve come to be #1. I love love love progressive realization of a worthy goal.

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