Final Fantasy 6: No Espers, no items, no equipment challenge


I beat the game in about 14 hours.

Longer version and things learned on the way:

Strago is overpowered, or rather, he becomes SUPER useful in a game where nobody else except Celes (learns Esuna naturally) can remove status effects
Edgar is still useful (even if he can’t equip items, as long as you have the tools in your inventory he can use them (i.e. his Tools are good))
No items makes the game balanced in that you can’t abuse things that speedrunners use like the lightning item consumables
Leveling up is FINE now, no need to wait for an Esper to make stat growth because there are no Espers
Luck becomes a huge factor, like if your characters get turned to stone sometimes that’s just game over. For the final battle it was REALLY crazy in terms of needing a lot of things to go correctly (i.e. Strago  doesn’t get turned to stone). The final battle was epic for me, I remember it was late one night in Atlanta or maybe early morning. I think I saved the state on the emulator so I could prove I did the challenge but have since lost that computer and everything on it.

Major spoiler:
Leveling up Celes when she’s the only character is the key, in the world of ruin just keep using Ice2 and killing worms, then whenever you get someone in the party they can be level 99

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