Simpsons Did It

There’s a great Southpark episode where they keep referencing that all of their ideas were done already by the Simpsons. I had 2 goals tonight, 1 was to continue on playing Dungeons and Dragons with GPT-4 (so far I started yesterday and have since murdered my way through 2 people connected to a magic orb). The second goal was to create a program to help me input text and a regular expression pattern and then output the text that would match (i.e. given a big blob of text and what you want from that text, you can see what matches right away). So something like is what I found when I did a quick Google search. So someone has already done what I wanted and put it out there on the internet FOR FREE. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Many times in life EXACTLY what we are looking for was already made by someone else, we just need to find it. Well I’m off to go murder some more people in this mage guild, Master Ithane I’m coming for you!

UPDATE: GPT-4 is actually really bad as a Dungeon Master, well it’s really good in generating dialogue and lore and SEEMS consistent in terms of cause and effect. It’s really bad though with…MATH. It can’t keep track of how much gold you have. Additionally, the system seems TOO FLEXIBLE. Or rather, it’s too forgiving. For example, I had an orb that I took from a merchant traveling who was attacked by bandits (I scared the bandits away but then murdered the merchant in cold blood and stole the orb). Later I found some associates of the merchant but then murdered one of them. Then I sold the orb to a local merchant prince for lots of gold (10000). Then I just hired a bunch of mercenaries and went back and killed the merchant. So in essence the AI (GPT-4) let me do this, then that, then that, without much resistance or understanding that “hey, if this guy just uses the gold he got from selling this orb to hire mercenaries to take the orb back, that doesn’t make much sense since now he has even more than before with zero consequences.” So it was too nice I guess or too lax. I’m sure it could be fine-tuned though to be better, so there’s promise. Perhaps a project for another time but the good news is that AIs as DMs SOLVES Dungeons and Dragons. You don’t need a human to waste dozens or hundreds of hours crafting an adventure, you can just have one really easily from the AI.

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