Thanos Revisited (fake script)

I asked this of ChatGPT, it’s okay but a little weak

**Thanos’s New Vision**

In a dark corner of the universe, Thanos brooded over the plight of the worlds he had encountered. Poverty, addiction, and suffering seemed to be rife across galaxies. He’d always sought balance, but what if true balance meant eliminating the root causes of societies’ plagues?

The Mad Titan pondered, “What if the key isn’t halving all life, but removing specific sources of pain and imbalance?” With this new vision, he decided to realign the purpose of the Infinity Stones.

The Snap happened. And billions vanished. But, it wasn’t indiscriminate as before. Gone were those trapped in poverty, addiction, and suffering – and their absence had a seismic effect on the universe.

Earth was a significant beneficiary. Economies surged. Cities previously riddled with destitution were transformed overnight into thriving hubs. Drug cartels, illicit trades, and their dependent populations vanished, leading to a significant drop in crime.

The Avengers, who had braced for another catastrophe, were left in a world they barely recognized. Stark Industries was making more profit than ever; Peter Parker’s neighborhood in Queens was prospering. Wakanda, having always been a beacon, now led global efforts to help nations rebuild.

But the moral implications weighed heavily on the team. Steve Rogers found it hard to grapple with. “Just because the outcome seems positive doesn’t mean the act wasn’t monstrous,” he argued.

Banner, ever the scientist, had data on his side. “Look at the numbers, Steve. Crime rates, poverty statistics, global happiness indexes. Everything points towards a utopia.”

Natasha was conflicted, “But at what cost? Lives were taken without their consent.”

Thor, king of a now-flourishing New Asgard, mused, “In the grand tapestry of fate, sometimes, the Norns weave threads we cannot understand.”

A series of debates erupted. The world governments were split. The public, for the most part, was content. Prosperity was at an all-time high. The Avengers, supposed saviors, were ironically out of step with a world seemingly saved by their greatest enemy.

Seeking answers, Doctor Strange embarked on a cosmic journey, scouring alternate dimensions and realities. He discovered something fascinating: In universes where Thanos’s snap targeted the wealthy or the elite, the outcomes were chaotic and imbalanced.

When he returned, he shared his findings. “It seems the universe seeks balance. Thanos’s method, while extreme, brought about a harmony I’ve not seen elsewhere.”

Wanda, still reeling from past losses, said, “But it’s all wrong. You can’t play God, decide who lives and who doesn’t based on circumstance.”

Clint Barton, having lost his family in the original snap and now having them back, weighed in, “We’ve always fought for a better world. Maybe… just maybe, this is it.”

Months turned into years. The Avengers disbanded, not out of strife, but because the world didn’t need them in the same capacity. They became diplomats, scientists, and educators, shaping the newfound prosperity.

A decade passed. A memorial was erected, not for the vanished but as a reminder of the universe’s fragility and the weight of choices.

The new generation, born into affluence and peace, revered Thanos, not as a villain, but as a tragic hero. A Titan burdened with a vision so grand, it took the world years to understand.

In the heart of New York, an elderly Steve Rogers, having finally found peace, visited the memorial. A child approached, “Sir, was Thanos a bad man?”

Steve sighed, “He was a man with a vision, and like all visions, it had its shades of gray. We might not agree with his methods, but we can’t deny the world he left behind.”

In the vast cosmos, Thanos watched, content in knowing that for once, the universe had found its balance.

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